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Due to the high level of service I deliver for my clients, I only accept a limited amount of weddings each year. Quality > quantity.  I want to make sure I delegate enough time to each event. My main priority is that I want your wedding to be the top echelon of weddings you or your guests ever attend. I want YOUR wedding to be better than your best friend's wedding.

Your wedding is about 2 (or more) families becoming one and it's my responsibility to not only help create an atmosphere for guests to celebrate, but it's also my duty to remind people why they are there. I want to create memorable moments, moments that will leave you and your guests with a feeling of bliss. I feel most Dj's are so focused on the music that they miss all the other opportunities to capitalize on CREATING moments. Trust me, trust my past clients when I say, your reception is much much more than the dance floor. Let's wow your guests from start to finish and provide them a wonderful experience they never felt before. 


I started off Dj'ing school functions and house parties. Around the age of 20, I found my true calling and I was asked to Dj my friends wedding. I absolutely love the thrill and enjoyment in people's reactions when their eyes light up by having the best night ever.


I know the importance of understanding trends and how to adapt to stay ahead of them, I fully listen to my clients needs, and I constantly go above and beyond of what is expected,. Most importantly, I follow-through and deliver.

I am a Dj who continues to find and partake in ongoing Dj/MC training, workshops, and continued education across the United States. It's always a compliment when "big city people" from the East & West coasts attend the weddings I cater, in little ole Wisconsin, and say with enthusiasm, "we never saw this at a wedding before!" 


I am always honored being your DJ, as i understand it is not a decision taken lightly. I will help you with each step of the planning process to make sure your event is as perfect as you planned it to be.

Stuff to know:

- I make fun of myself... a lot

- I have a gorgeous wife and 2 daughters. My daughters look nothing like me, thanks to my wifes dominant genes.

- What do I love more than Dj'ing? being a father.

- I have super high standards for our Djs, just ask them.

- I love driving and taking road trips. It's my way to decompress from life.

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