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I started my DJ career with Yo DJ about 6 years ago, in that short amount of time I have learned a plethora of knowledge I was unaware existed. I was introduced to Corey by my mom (owner of Wedding Perfect).  At first, Corey had me mainly working the photobooth while watching him DJ and picking up on the basics.  During this time, I learned that DJing isn't about playing music for a few hours.  Instead, it's about connecting with the guests and making sure the night goes perfect for the bride and groom. In the last year I have been Corey’s right hand man and in charge of Dj’ing.  I am starting to book my own events and am very excited to build my reputation as a professional DJ.


My goal for every event is to deliver the best DJ service possible.  I am willing to do the “little things” to make sure the night is unforgettable for the bride and groom, as well as the guests. I put in the work to make sure the night goes exactly have the bride and groom envision it.  The most rewarding part of an event are the compliments received from guests and the connections that are created.  


About me:

  • I am a physics nut and am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Engineering.

  • I enjoy playing football, baseball and basketball

  • My mom is a wedding decorator so I have been around weddings my whole life.
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